Art Work: Miles Davis’ Agharta

Inspired by the book The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard, Tadanori Yokoo created the rare Japanese cover of Miles Davis‘ 1975 set, Agharta.

agharta miles davis 385 Awesome Album Covers: Miles Davis Agharta

“My work is a combination of collage, airbrushing and painting,” artist Tadanori Yokoo is quoted as saying in Storm Thorgerson’s book 100 Best Album Covers. “I like collecting postcards, and on this cover for Miles Davis I used some that I had brought back from New York and Tahiti.”

“At the time I was into meditation and yoga,” Yokoo continued. “I listened to Miles Davis’ tape and thought about…The Hollow Earth. It is a legend about a land called Agharta, which exists in a huge cavern in the center of the earth.”

“I am a very good friend of Carlos Santana (for who Yokoo designed two covers) but with Miles Davis I never met him. I named the picture Agharta and he accepted that as the title of the album.”

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