Ace Of Base - The Sign (Arista 1993)

Best Sellers From The 90′s: Ace Of Base’s “The Sign”

Ace Of Base - The Sign (Arista 1993)

Ace Of Base – The Sign (Arista 1993)

One might think ABBA was the first Swedish band to Top the US album chart but, in fact, it was Ace of Base‘s The Sign that holds that distinction.

Once the single “All That She Wants” had been released to the sound of a platinum performance, Arista Records bought up the rights to Ace of Base’s first album, Happy Nation, added four songs and re-released it as The Sign.

The album ended up yielding four hits in the US: along with “All That She Wants,” the title cut rocketed to #1 on the singles chart while “Living In Danger” and “Don’t Turn Around” charted in the Top 40.

No one will ever accuse Ace of base songwriters Ulf Ekberg and Jonas Berggren of reinventing pop music but they certainly could write a hit song. Their efforts won them three Grammy nominations and, since the album was released in November 1993, a sales tally of over 9 million copies.


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