Kevin Preston (from Foxboro Hot Tubs) is the front for this new-glam operation, who’ve toured with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant and, not surprisingly, Green Day and have curried favor from Little Steven. They’re not the most original thing I’ve ever heard but I’ve spun this more than once, especially in the mood for a little mindless ‘nah, nah, nah.” RECOMMENDED.

Nine Lives and Forty-Five (January 27, 2015, Alive Naturalsound)


Number 1 With A Bullet: The Rolling Stones’ “Angie”

From their thirteenth US release, Goat’s Head Soup, the Rolling Stones scored their seventh #1 hit with “Angie.”

angie 385 Number 1 With A Bullet: The Rolling Stones Angie

“I used to write all the words in that period,” said Mick Jagger is quoted as saying in Mick Jagger In His Own Words. “‘Angie’ is a kind of throwback to the ‘Back Street Girl’ and ‘Lady Jane’ ballads which we used to do.”

Adding the string arrangements of Nicky Harrison and the piano playing of Nicky Hopkins, “Angie” logged in at #75 for it’s first week on the pop chart in September ’73. It took just six weeks for the song to make it to the top, where it began a two week residency on October 20, 1973.

The Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa (Warner Bros., 1969)

Art Work: The Grateful Dead’s “Aoxomoxoa”

Legendary artist Rick Griffin not only came up with the design of the Grateful Dead‘s Aoxomoxoa, it was his fascination with palindromes that resulted in the album’s title.

aoxomoxoa 385 Awesome Album Covers: Grateful Deads Aoxomoxoa

“The Grateful Dead hired Rick based on his reputation for his concert posters (which he created for the Avalon Ballroom and the Fillmore West),” said his widow, Ida, in 100 Best Album Covers. “They told him he could design anything he visualized and was given total artistic freedom. The guys in the band would OK the final artwork, but basically they just loved his style.”

For Aoxomoxoa, Griffin shot for a design that was “tribal,” evoking a surfer’s paradise with the blue sky, circling a skull and crossbones with the sun and a garden, injecting his love of the water in the album’s fluid lettering.

Suede - It Starts And Ends With You

Free MP3: Suede’s “Barriers”

It’s been over ten years since Suede has put out a record. The drought ends March 19 when they release Bloodsports.

Sounds like we’re headed back to the 90′s with this one. Look at the video for “It Starts And Ends With You,” download the new single, “Barriers,” and pre-order from Amazon.

Suede – Barriers (From Bloodsport, Out March 19)

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