Talking+Heads feat

Records At Random: 5XTH (Five By Talking Heads)

Talking Heads Punk

Sitting at Starbucks while the kid plays soccer, reading David Byrne’s How Music Works and letting Media Monkey talk to my head at random.

1. “Life During Wartime”
2. “Air”
3. “Burning Down The House” (Stop Making sense)
4. “Don’t Worry About The Government”
5. “Ruby Dear”

5XTH – Five Records By Talking Heads

U2 Mad Sq

Records At Random: 5XU2 (Five By U2)


Media Monkey rolled this set for me last night while I was laying on the bedroom floor, getting fleeced at poker by my 10-year old daughter. A good mix of classic, newer and middle-era U2.

1. Vertigo
2. In God’s Country
3. Walk On
4. New Year’s Day
5. Wire

Records At Random – 5 x U2


Hot, Fake And Princely Mix: Mighty Mouse’s EOY Mixtape


This year, I’m going to toss some tapes from others into the mix. Mighty Mouse’s mixes are a lot different than what I do but worthy of props.

Songs included are:

Herve – Night Turns Into Day (Mighty Mouse Remix)
DJ Nibc & Patrick L – Call Me (Mercury Remix)
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
Lindstrom – Eggedosis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)
Mighty Mouse – Electric Moonshine
Sam Sparro – Happiness (The Magician Remix)
Gucci Vump – Feeling
Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Xinobi Remix)
Prince – Controversy (Mighty Mouse Re Edit)
Oliver – Dirty Talk
Fake Blood – All In The Blink
Seasfire – How Do You Sleep (Mighty Mouse Remix)
Hot Chip – Flutes (Sasha Remix)

Kim Kardashian

Cool Purple Mix: The Violet Lights, Johnny Jones And The King Casuals and John Vanderslice

What form! What energy! Have you ever seen someone recline with such workmanlike precision? I should think not! Inspired by Kim Kardashian, hard at work displaying purple in just the right light, I’ve scanned the globe for three perfectly purple pieces of music.

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