The Whispers, 1980

Top 10 Rhythm And Blues Hits of 1980

10. The Whispers – “And the Beat Goes On”

Enough Spandex to clothe a small country.

9. Diana Ross – “Upside Down”

Diana gets her [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Chic[/lastfm] on.

8. The Whispers – “Lady”

One of the best soul ballads of the early ’80s, bar none.

7. Ray, Goodman and Brown – “Special Lady”

In the style of the great standup soul groups…play these two back to back…

6. Jimmy Ruffin – “Hold On to My Love”

Jimmy Ruffin puts some classic Motown groove on the pops

Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Top 10 Rock Hits Of 1979

Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

New Wave had fully infiltrated the top of the singles charts by the time 1979 had rolled around. Here are the Top 10 Rock Hits of 1979, guaranteed to inspire the return of skinny ties.

10. Fleetwood Mac – “Tusk”

Actually one of the few songs to make the Top 10 that wasn’t from the world of New Wave. Though people dancing around with tubas is a touch punky, don’t you think?

9. Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

No less bombastic, Queen found their way into both the discotheques and the biker bars … well, kind of.

8. Nick Lowe – “Cruel To Be Kind”

Read about this one in our One Hit Wonders section.

7. The Cars – “Let’s Go”

Not as good as the worst song on their debut but cool enough.

6. John Stewart – “Gold”

With Stevie Nicks in tow, JS enjoyed his moment in the sun (but is still one of the best folk songwriters ever, hits or not).

Michael Jackson

Top 10 Rhythm And Blues Hits Of 1978

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, 1978

1978 was a year when it was hard to find anything that came close to R&B that wasn’t wrapped in polyester and smothered in a strobe light. 1979 was a bit better, though, with the debut of Prince, a classic album by Michael Jackson and the last great single by Issac Hayes making up the Top 10 R&B hits of the year.

10. Prince – “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

When he showed up on his first album wearing panties and stockings, it was safe to say he made an impact. He chose to get dressed for this one on the Dick Clark show.

9. Hall & Oates – “Wait for Me”

That had been playing around with rock and new wave for a few years. This one was a return to their classic Philly soul style. A highly-underrated tune in their catalog.

8. Chic – “Good Times”

One of the few bands that managed to make disco music that still brought the funk. This was one of them, thanks to Bernard Edwards bassline and Tony Thompson’s thump.

7. Commodores – “Still”

Along with “Sail On,” “Still” is the last remaining vestige of what was once a most soulful band.

6. Smokey Robinson – “Cruisin’

The way Smokey sings the first line, alone, is worth the price of admission.

Santa Esmeralda 250

Top 10 Dance Songs Of 1978

Like it or not, popular culture lived in a swirl of polyester and strobe lights in 1978, camped out on the disco dance floor for the better part of the year. The Bee Gees ruled the airwaves, of course, but there were other sounds emanating from Studio 54 and the like. Here are the Top 10 Dance Songs that had booties shakin’ in ’78.