Forrest Day

Forrest Day’s “Hyperactive”

Forrest Day

Forrest Day claim they perform a “ferocious, high-energy blend of rock, hip-hop, circus music, cabaret, reggae and jazz.” With their single, “Hyperactive,” they aim to prove it.

Forrest Day (the band) began as Forrest Day (the singer) when the Lafayette, California-born vocalist dropped his first EP back in 2006. Surrounding himself with a seven-piece band that adopted his moniker and dropping anchor in Oakland, Day has spent the last several years selling out Bay area clubs after which he and his band retire to an all-night diner and make plans to conquer the rest of the world over Spanish omelettes and cheeseburgers.

When I say their single, “Hyperactive,” sounds like a combination of Frank Zappa and Barenaked Ladies we hope to god that F. Day and his crew dig that as the highest of compliments. Lyrically elastic like the well-toned ligaments of a Chinese gymnast (that’s the Barenaked Ladies part, no pun intended) and musically muscular like the forearms of home run hitter (that would be the Frank Zappa part), “Hyperactive” needs at least a half-dozen listens to sink in…and by then you’ve been infected.

File under “a band that gives Phish a run for their phreakin’ money.”

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