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John Lennon Week: Woman

In honor of John Lennon, who was killed 32 years ago this past December, Fusion 45 celebrates John Lennon Week. Here’s the last of five articles focused on his five best songs.

Single Sleeve - John Lennon Woman


At the beginning of this video, Lennon tells an interviewer David Sheff: “Without each other, there ain’t nothing, you know. It was a different viewpoint of what I felt about woman and I can’t express it better than I said in the song. And it’s for Yoko but it’s to all women.”

So it was that Lennon explained the inspiration for “Woman,” the second single to be released from his 1980 album, Double Fantasy. Lennon further described “Woman” as the “grown-up” version of The Beatles’ “Girl,” which he wrote with McCartney in 1965.

“Woman” was recorded in late August and early September 1980 for release in November. The speed with which it entered the singles chart was accelerated due to Lennon’s murder, which came just three weeks after the album came out. It went to #1.

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  1. RLW says:

    An excellent series of posts on the late great John Lennon but his death was December 8… You seem to be a month out of sync.

  2. Fusion 45 says:

    Hmmm…on whom can I blame this mistake? WordPress? The Commies? (John would’ve loved that). Nope, I’m the dope on this one.

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