Sleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent’s “Get It Daddy”

Sleeper Agent

Calling themselves “the overachieving Little Garage-Pop Act That Could From Bowling Green, Kentucky,” Sleeper Agent have ridden a rocket into the stratosphere of indie rock in less than a couple of years. The key: don’t take yourself too seriously.

For example, they commemorated the end of a tour with Cage the Elephant by sending keyboard player Scott Gardner to crash their tour partner’s final set…in a cheerleader’s outfit.

“He’s already got this huge mane of curly hair,” said drummer Justin Wilson. “He looked like a pom-pom already!”

The seeds of Sleeper Agent were planted in 2008 when Wilson and guitarist Tony Smith channeled their mutual love of Rush into a $500 college bar gig. The rest of band trickled in a little at a time until they became a six-piece, played their first show and almost immediately hit the studio with CTE pal Jay Joyce.

The results of their time with Joyce is called “Celebrasion,” a joyful, playful, trashy blast through a dozen slices of premium Garage Pop that includes today’s feature, “Get It Daddy.”

“We’ve been giving autographs and pictures every night after we play,” says Justin, causing him to become a little bit intimidated. One day, the band will “hire somebody who can, like, push through and clear a path for me.” he says with a wry smile. Like the music that comes from the band, we don’t take it all too seriously.

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