Switchfoot’s “Dark Horses”


Brothers Jon and Tim Foreman and their trio of pals called Switchfoot released a new album, Vice Verses, and a new single, “Dark Horses” back in September 2011.

Though their message had broadened in scope since their early years, when they were narrow-cast as a Christian rock band, the word from Switchfoot is still a positive one that appeals to believers and non-believers alike.

“I’ve made my mistakes/I’ve seen my heart cave in,” sings lead vocalist Jon Foreman, “I’ve got my scars/I’ve been to hell and back again,” he says, pointing to the same pains and struggles to which we can all relate.

But true to the message they’ve carried since they came on the scene with their debut album in 1996, there’s more to the story: ”Hey, you can’t count us out/We’ve been running up against the crowd/Yeah, we’re the dark horses.”

Set against Switchfoot’s trademark sound, drawing on influences like Foo Fighters (the guitar riff) and U2 (the deep in the pock bass and drum groove and the vocal breakdown) with a built in rebellious snarl, the band gives bite to lyrics that, in lesser hands, would fall flat.

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