J. Geils Band - Love Stinks

Top Rock Hits of 1980

The US Hockey team beat the Russians, CNN debuted, J.R. was shot on TV and the pop charts were a mix of later-era disco, new wave and rock and rollers reaching their commercial peak. Here are the Top 10 Rock Hits of 1980 according to me (who else?!).

10. The J. Geils Band – “Love Stinks”

I was 18 at the time. Love did stink.

9. John Lennon – “(Just Like) Starting Over”

Sadly, it was just coming to an end.

8. The Pretenders – “Brass in Pocket”

I still don’t know what the lyrics are to this tune. And don’t want to spoil it by learning.

7. Bob Seger – “Against the Wind”

A lot of people slag on this album as being pretty weak but I never thought so.

6. The Vapors – “Turning Japanese”

Writer David Fenton said “‘Turning Japanese’ is all the clichés about angst and youth and turning into something you didn’t expect to.” I thought it was about girls.

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