Participated Firms

Participating in the founding of China Minsheng Investment Group

Yango was involved in initiating the founding of China Minsheng Investment Co., Ltd. (CMIG) which is a leading international private investment group founded in Shanghai on 21 August 2014 with registered capital of RMB 50 billion. The joint establishment of CMIG by 59 renowned private enterprises was initiated by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) and approved by the State Council.

Participating in initiating the establishment of small loan companies and committed to becoming friends of small and micro businesses

Fuzhou Gulou District Yango Petty Loan Co.,Ltd, Fuzhou Mawei District Yango Huixin Small Loan Co.,Ltd. are both qualified fiancial institutions approved by the provincial government. The companies serve to provide high quality and convenient financial services for creditworthy small and medium-sized enterprises, "Three-Rural companies", entrepreneurial individuals, long-term cooperative construction companies and engineering contractors, in order to solve the financial difficulties for clients.

Investing in Loyal Valley Capital

Loyal Valley Capital was founded by Mr. Lin Lijun, the former founder and General Manager of China Universal Asset Management. Selecting the best quality enterprises and those representing the future trend of economy, it sticks to programming for the investments on the basis of long-term and in-depth fundamental analysis. At the same time, it builds world-class enterprises with the best entrepreneurs, and steadily gains considerable return through careful research on the capital market. Currently, Loyal Valley Capital has invested in Logic Show, Mahua FunAge, Bilibili animation and other quality projects.

Investing in Pingtan Industrial Securities SAIF Capital

Industrial Securities SAIF Capital is an private equity jointly initiated and founded by wholly-owned subsidiary of direct investment of Industrial Securities-Industrial Innovation Capital Management Co., Ltd and SAIF Asia, it mainly invests in high quality projects in returned China focused companies and Red Chip and the like. Currently, it has invested in Baidu Video, Bona Film Group etc.

Investing in Internet insurance broker Databao Company

It is the leading investor of the Series B financing in Internet Insurance Broker Databao Co., Ltd, followed by Fosun Group, Ceyuan venture capital investment. Databao is an innovative Internet health insurance service platform in China, which was established in July 2014 focusing on personal health insurance and accident insurance. It takes "benefit for public, return to origin" as the product concept and serves to provide cost-effective health protection for the general public. In 2016, the insurance premium of Databao exceeded RMB 40 million, revenue over RMB 17 million, with more than 5 times of year-on-year growth.

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