Education Sector

As a strategic partner of Peking University in education and culture industry, Yango Education Group has an excellent management team with rich experience in education investment and management. At Yango Education Group, we have Yango College, Yango International School, a chain of Peiwen School of Peking University and Yango Preschool Education Kindergarten. Also, we have established many high-quality private schools with Peking University and some famous universities in America and Britain.


Yango aims to operate new schools which combine education advantages of China and the US, and cultivate new-generation elites who are "healthy physically and psychologically, confident, open-minded and willing to discover". By doing so, Yango will provide new model for the development of China's basic education, and set world-class industry standard for Chinese private schools.


• High starting point: high student quality, high school quality, high teaching level

• Group management: systematic management, standardized services, intensive resources

• International education: international advanced education idea, international leading education atmosphere, cooperation with international famous schools

• Differentiated teaching: respect individuality, diversified courses, individualized quality education


• Featured curriculum: build the "individualized" curriculum system suitable for every child

• Management: the "autonomous" system based on standardization and informationization

• Teaching: adhere to the "efficient teaching" mode, pursue the green scores

• Environment and services: academy type management, family-style services


Directly operated or cooperative schools

Peiwen School of Peking University:

• Peiwen School of Peking University in Guiyang

• Peiwen School of Peking University in Liupanshui

• Peiwen Experimental School of Peking University in Jinzhong

• Peiwen School of Peking University in Xi'an

• Peiwen Experimental School of Peking University in Liaocheng

• Peiwen Experimental School of Peking University in Huizhou


Yango International school:

• Fuzhou Sunshine International School

Yango Academy:

• Yango Academy in Yunshan, Shiyan

• Yango Academy in Dongfeng

Calvert American School:

• Calvert American School in Fuzhou

• Calvert International School in Putian

Cooperation Brands

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