Healthcare Sector

Yango Healthcare Group owned by Yango has acquired several grade-A hospitals, and mandated several hospitals and medical projects, such as investing in Tongji Hospital Huainan, Tongji University and Guangdong Manloon Hospital. It is vigorously expanding medical health, the elderly service and healthcare industries.

Market layout

Yango Healthcare Group is headquartered in Beijing with several general hospitals and medical management companies in Shanghai, Huainan, and Guangzhou.

At present, it owns professional companies including Yango Health Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai HyGet Medical Mangerment Co.,Ltd, ZhongKangTou (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yajun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Zhuoyi Information Technology Co.,Ltd.etc.

Hospital Introduction

Tongji Hospital Huai'nan, Tongji University

Tongji Hospital Huai'nan, Tongji University is a large-scale general and modern second A hospital which integrates medical treatment, disease prevention, scientific research, health care, rehabilitation and medical examination. The heart center, cancer center, obstetrics & gynecology, and orthopedics are the leading departments; the minimally invasive surgery, urology department, neurology department, gastroenterology department and endocrinology department are key departments. It is the healthcare insurance assigned hospital for urban workers, residents, agricultural insurance, retired cadres, fertility, Huainan Mining Group etc., in Huainan city. It is the only work-related injury rehabilitation hospital and the regional network cooperative hospital of Anhui provincial hospitals.

Guangdong Manloon hospital

The Manloon hospital is the first private non-profit general grade-A hospital of second class which integrates medical treatment, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and scientific research in Zhaoqing, Guangdong. It is the assigned hospital for basic medical insurance and work injury insurance of urban employees and urban and rural residents, and it is also the 120 emergency network assigned hospital in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. It ranks Top 30 among private hospitals in the Guangdong province.

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