International Trade Sector

Yango International Trade Group owned by Yango is currently engaging in domestic trade and import and export trade of non-ferrous metals, chemical products, electromechanical products, light industry and electronics and textiles. It is one of the business pillars for Yango to implement the strategy of interaction between and coordinated development of production and finance. The Group is always externally and internationally oriented, and strives to develop into an international trade platform capable of global sourcing which is "specialized, integrating domestic and foreign trade, and e-information based", aiming to be a global commodity chain service provider, which integrates investment, production, trade, logistics, warehousing and information service.

Business Layout and Competitive Advantages

Brand advantage

After 10 years of development, in the early period, relying on Yango City, Yango International Trade Group achieved the leapfrog development; in the later period, relying on the strong regional influence of Yango Finance, it built a good brand image. Through efforts for a long time, Yango International Trade Group has established long-term trade relations with a large number of domestic and foreign well-known companies. The Group has more than 100 customers worldwide, covering 83 cities in 50 countries and regions, including foreign companies such as Petroliam Nasional Berhad, Taiwan's China Steel, Japan's Banhe, Singapore's Shell, SABIC and Chevron, etc., and domestic companies such as Jinchuan Group, China Shipbuilding Industry, Sinofert, China National United Oil Corporation, Sinoagri holding company limited, Mitsubishi Corporation, Itochu Corporation (Tokqc Section), Koco Group Limited, Sinopec International (Hong Kong) Co.,Limited, Hong Kong Grand International Co., Limited, Hong Kong Topway Trading Co., Limited.

Extensive subsidiary network

Yango International Trade Group has a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Hong Kong and Singapore which are managed and operated by professional trading teams.

Through these subsidiaries and joint ventures, Yango International Trade Group can conform to the market at the maximum level, absorb the professionals in these developed areas, make full use of the local active market information and resources, reduce trade costs, enhance economic efficiency and make the market share bigger to lay a good foundation for achieving strategic management pattern of enterprises.

Cross-border e-commerce platform

Yango International Trade Group has tried to start the cross-border e-commerce platform. As the operator of Fuzhou cross-border e-commerce public service platform and cross-border e-commerce bonded supervision logistics center, it provides services including one-stop platform docking program, whole-chain warehousing and distribution services, information-based warehousing and inventory management system, customs clearance services etc., which is the important step of Yango International Trade Group to the new foreign trade business.

Industry Honor

Its subordinate enterprises have been rated as "Best 10 Local Export Enterprises" for many consecutive years, as a key-supported enterprises and export base by the municipal government, as class-A enterprises by the Customs and Excise Department, and as a key export enterprises by the provincial government. Total volume of imports and exports of its Fujian subsidiary over the years ranked the forefront among Fujian enterprises. It has been awarded "Best 500 China's Foreign Trade Import and Export Enterprises".

Class-A Enterprises

By China Customs and Excise Department

Best 500

China's Foreign Trade Import and Export Enterprises

Future development plan

Focusing on the development of cooperation with large enterprises

Yango International Trade Group will take the state-owned enterprises, large private enterprises and trade companies as key customers of trade cooperation, expand trade businesses such as the traditional imports and exports, processing business and re-export, and enter supply chains of chain enterprises with international brands to be their procurement suppliers in China.

Increasing new trade mode and scale

Relying on the geographical advantages of "the Belt and Road" and platform of free trade area, Yango International Trade Group will expand the bilateral trade of emerging markets in the ASEAN and Taiwan District, participate in the unified purchase and sale in the Yango Finance to enhance space and scope of cooperation, and use upstream and downstream merchants, market information and company brand and other favorable elements to look for the domestic powerful commercial network.

Cooperation Brands

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